A Rare Glimpse at My Personal Life

Female Entrepreneur AssociationIt’s rare that I reveal a lot about myself personally. It’s not an attempt to be ninja about my life, but I am really an introvert (although a social one), so I don’t do much talking about myself…now, talking about social media marketing is a whole other matter entirely :)

Recently, I had a chance to be interviewed by the Female Entrepreneur Association. I answered questions from the biggest challenge in running my business to what’s my average day like. Take a look:

What motivated you to start your business?

When I was in high school, my grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We lived hundreds of miles away from her and it was hard for my Mom to visit her as often as she would have liked due to her work schedule as an emergency room trauma medical specialist. In fact, my Mom would have dreams about visiting my grandmother and not being allowed in to see her – clearly her subconscious eating at her. I vowed then that I would only…[read the rest]


Me & Gayle King…it’s a wonderful thing

For those of you who missed me on Gayle King’s CBS Google+ Hangout this morning, here’s the recording.

We had a BLAST (Gayle is funny!) and Peter Greenberg shared some VERY timely and helpful sites for the business traveler, so check it out and you’ll hear the TWO travel sites that my team and I use to keep us sane.

And, speaking of travel, off to Boston to speak at Pivot Boston 2.0 (photos coming soon!)


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