-Scarlett DeBease

-Anna Curran

-Missy Johnson, Professional Pet-Themed Artist & Activist

-Rhonda Hughes, Pet Rescue Professional & Activist

- Wendy Coad, Professional Artist & Master Reflexologist

-Lea Carey, The Health Maven

“Since I started working with Lena on my social media strategy, my email mailing list has doubled! The amount of subscribers I received in 3 months of working with her was equal to the number of subscribers for six months prior!”

– Karen Hodges, Founder, Adventures to Transformation Coaching Method

“…Our entire studio team enjoyed Lena’s appearance today! I loved having Lena as an expert guest and thought she handled every caller like a champion! I would love to invite her back again when she is ready to promote her latest book.”

– Ally Freund Loprete, Host, This Little Parent Stayed Home on iHeartRadio

“We, and all our members in attendance, loved Lena’s presentation to our Marketing Roundtable group last week at the Westport Arts Center. Please, please, pass on our immense gratitude to her for taking the time to come to our group. She is amazing! I sent an email blast to our members, both those that came and those that could not attend, highlighting some of her fantastic, relevant and applicable ideas! If she were ever in need of referrals or recommendations, she should not hesitate to contact us.”

– Jennifer Bangser, Director of Marketing, Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County

“You are an amazing strategist and coach. I wouldn’t have known to forge this path without you. I have random people commenting and emailing with praise about the podcast and business model. Moreover, you are one of the most impressive people I have ever known. Not only are you invaluable to my business growth but you have become invaluable in my life. You motivate me, pick me up when I am down and care about me and not just our business relationship.”

– M.A.

Antonia "Dr. M" Martinez, Ph.D.“I have really enjoyed the process…the infrastructure is now there to build exactly what I want and enjoy doing the most while also providing a sensible, “easy” way to generate revenue as well. I also reached my goal of clarifying my business plan and strategy. Now I know how the pieces fit together. Thanks so much!”

– Antonia “Dr. M” Martinez, PhD, The Inner Power Doctor

Maddy Butcher Gray“I was thinking about hiring Lena.

But I was hesitant because it ain’t free, after all, and I’d been burned before.

(We’ve all made bad investments, right? Sometimes, it’s a true rip-off. Sometimes it has more to do with our own lack of follow-through.)

But after much research and consideration, I signed up for a series of Private Coaching Sessions. I earmarked our focus areas all related to increasing traffic and monetizing my web sites.

I’m a journalist by trade and had a catalog full of issues. Lena helped with all of them:

  • Affiliate program options
  • Site navigation issues
  • Blog friendliness
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Facebook strategies
  • Outside pitch ideas

More significantly, I had an equally full catalog of excuses:

  • I’m a writer, not a marketer.
  • I don’t have time for this stuff.
  • I don’t know how.
  • That’s not in my comfort zone.

Lena helped me to see that the biggest impediment was ME. My attitude was, is, and will be directly linked to my business’ success.

One of her most powerful tools is listening. Lena heard my excuses. In her kind and direct manner, she called me out on the carpet.

I benefited, too, from Lena’s holistic approach. No topic is off-topic. Whatever is blocking the road to success, Lena will help remove it.

Over the course of several sessions, she helped pave a route that included site design, Facebook approach, and a reshaped business model. But more importantly, in her honest, “I’ve been there, too” manner, she helped me get to the very root of the problem.

I give you this parting image:

We’re in a big store, trying on outfits from the Blogosphere, Plug-in, and Free-lancing departments. Heading back to the dressing room, Lena grabs a selection of Power Panties and says, “Try These On!”

I couldn’t be more thankful.
- Maddy Butcher Gray, Owner, Nicker News

Scarlett DeBease“The best business decision I ever made, has been hiring you to be my private business coach. You always have incredible insight and advice for how I can grow my business. Best of all, I can implement your suggestions and advice without spending tons of money or time. How could I not continue working with you? You are to valuable to my business for me to not continue to work with you. Thank you for taking me from having a good business to having a great business!”
- Scarlett DeBease, Owner, Scarlett Image

Shawna Marie Aarons-Cook“What it is that you do is simply wonderful! You really have empowered me to blossom and grow in ways that quite honestly get me choked up every time I think about it. And I know there’s so much more ahead. You really do make me better and in case I haven’t somehow made it clear, I appreciate you beyond words. No amount of thank yous could ever suffice! I’m super psyched!”
- Shawna Marie Aarons-Cook, Founder, Healing Truth Center

Margot Ahlquist“Thank you so much! I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in such a short period of time. The idea for my business is fleshed out, I have a brand new website, my marketing plan is outlined. It’s just great. Our time together has been incredibly helpful.”
- Margot Ahlquist, Owner, Paws to Talk Coaching

Heather Wilson“The Mastermind Group session tonight with Lena West was very informative! I really needed some clarity on structuring my online training program, and I was able to walk away with some specific actions to take to make it valuable and meet my business goals. And her infectious energy was also a plus!”

- Heather Wilson, Owner, Inner Enthusiasm Consulting

Jennifer Covello“This quite far was the BEST WCEO-MMC session we had thus far! Lena’s advice was tailored to each CEO yet applicable to all! There is definitely a unique component receiving tools from a fellow women entrepreneur…the language, the commonalities, the tone…all works and we were able to digest it (and put the crumbs in our pockets…lol!). I was motivated, encouraged, hyped, excited through the entire session…Lena kept my attention for the entire 2 hours

- Misha Granado, Founder, Love Grows

Jennifer Covello“I honestly cannot find the words (as there are too many) to express how amazing it was to have Lena West on the Mastermind call tonight. Lena was witty, articulate, and her business acumen was off the charts! She was extremely knowledgeable on every facet of building and expanding a business, particularly as it relates to Social Media. She was very candid. She did not tell us what we wanted to hear, but rather what we needed to hear in order to take our businesses to the next “CEO” level! She gave very actionable examples of how we could monetize our businesses, gain clients and expand our brands. The level of wisdom shared was priceless!! She challenged each of us to “think outside the box,” and as a result, my thinking has been transformed forever! Thank you Lena West, for you are truly an inspiration!!!”

- Monica Williams, Founder, Wisdom Jones University

Jennifer Covello“Tonight’s session with Lena was awesome. She had pretty much answered many of my questions before she even got to me! I had to basically come up with some new stuff when it was my turn. She seemed to be so tuned in to all of our needs and was able to give easily executable advice.”

- Shulunda Gibson, Owner, The Speech and Voice Care Center of Houston


Jennifer Covello“I just finished my coaching series with Lena West, Social Media Diva, which was amazing. Look for changes to my Parenting for Purpose blog (new logo!), my newsletters and more! If you’re looking for a savvy marketer with social media/online marketing expertise – call her now!”
- Jennifer Covello, Founder, Parenting for Purpose



“I first learned the power of social media after hearing Lena West command the stage at the American Express Women’s Conference over 2 years ago. She made #Social #Media more relatable to my business as not just a hobby, something to do, or a waste of time, but as a tool to expand my brand, gain clients, and show my talents. She also helped me and many other business women, understand how to incorporate several different new digital mediums into our entire #marketing strategy. Fast forward to today- Lena is an author in addition to a very successful business owner and well-known speaker. She also created a unique system to make social media management more accessible to the busiest entrepreneur on a limited budget.”

- Kristi Jackson, Founder, Women CEO Project

“Lena, to call you inspirational is to call an orange “orange”… Eye-rollingly obvious from the moment you open your mouth and totally missing the delicious juiciness inside. Talking with you and hearing you speak challenged my thinking and my beliefs about work, life and success. For two weeks after my husband Ralph and I heard you speak, he answered every question I asked with, “What would Lena do?” and “What would Lena say?” Every time I had an idea he followed it with, “Are you committed or just interested?” Your uniquely wise words have become the bumper stickers of our office, and I mean that in the best way possible. Your words are quoted, shared, framed and otherwise stuck in our brains. “
- Carol Lynn Rivera, Founder and Project Manager, Rahvalor

“Today we received 2 YES answers from sponsors we approached after following your advice! U Rock! You have really gotten us inspired and believing in ourselves. Thank you so much.”
- Jim + Rene, Founders, Tripawds

“Thanks to your advice from the livestream event, I’ve gotten two radio interviews, more sales of my ferret apparel, and I’m also going to be chatting with someone from National Geographic about my ferrets and I may be a part of a television show! I’ve been LIVING with your statement, ‘It’s now or NOW!’”

- AmyJo, Writer + Blogger, Enlightened Ferret

“Because of your advice on our Q&A call, I was poised to take advantage of a related current event when it “went viral”. Between that and my new, more frequent posting routine, my traffic went up 300-400% over the usual weekend rate on The Daily Corgi! Now view rates are running between 200-300% of the previous weekday rates. Seems downright stone age to just post something once now! Understanding how social media works is apparently pretty vital to using it to best advantage, huh? Imagine THAT! “

- Laurie Eno, Founder + Publisher, The Daily Corgi

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your keynote at BlogPaws. You are such a powerful presence and your words resonate. Of the eons of folks I visited with, met, and talked to at the conference, things you said come to me in times I am frustrated or having one of those “days.” SO for that, thank you.”

–Carol Bryant, PR Manager, BlogPaws

“The time we spent together was transforming and simply precious. You generously poured your heart and soul into me, from walking me through organizing my website to bringing clarification to marketing my brand. Did I say that you’re a genius? Your “in your face” personality yet loving methodology is what I love most about you. You are the authentic influencer and I am elated to have had the opportunity to work with you. 5 stars on a 5 star scale is Lena West.”

–Dr. Deana Murphy, deanamurphy.com

“You gave a terrific keynote…it was so inspiring! You are a great role model for the young women who attended.”

Valli Swerdlow, Owner, Valli Associates

“Thank you for speaking! Wonderful presentation. Very thought provoking.”

Sophia Ann, Advertising

“Top 10 reasons I am going to BlogPaws – #8: To hear Lena West – her session at last years conference was fantastic!”

Katharine McMahon, Blogger, Kat and Dogs

“I can’t tell you how satisfying our conversation was today. You’re a star and I’m so pleased to know that you will be helping us understand a great strategy (yours!!) for marketing and acquiring new customers, specifically for our new service! We have worked hard to structure and create a business we’re very confident in, and this is the last piece to that puzzle. I’m looking forward to engaging you on this super wild trip into your neck of the woods!”

–Glenn McGregor, Answer Point

“It’s only appropriate to acknowledge those who have made our paths possible. Thank you, above all, being your glorious, authentic self, sharing your time, wisdom and knowledge and making my business world lighter and brighter each and every week – sometimes everyday!”

–Lynn Tempesta, Know Your Value in Life

“This program has clued me in on pretty much everything I now know about social media. Not only did I get great instruction and insight for myself but I also gained powerful information to use with new clients to help them grow their businesses. I must admit I did not is know what I did not know. I can really get into this “how to” training like you have provided with social media…I did not want to miss any of the informative classes. If someone were to ask me if they should take this training, I would have to emphatically say YES. The content far exceeded the my expectations. The value is definitely there. Lena West is a hoot and I admire her abilities. If you feel that my comments would be of value to anyone, please feel free to use them.”

Terry McNeal, Owner, Minding Your Virtual Business

“Lena, you were great to listen/watch. You made the training lots of fun! I am really excited as I have been antsy to grow out of my ‘just a web designer’ shell for quite some time. What I learned from your training will certainly be of great value to me and my clients as I transition into this new OBM role.”

Amy Derr, Owner, Insiteful Web Design

“Lena was recommended to me by a colleague who’d heard her speak at my Entrepreneurial Woman’s Network meeting (Fairfield County, CT) and was impressed with her knowledge of social media. At my friend’s suggestion I initiated a call. Lena’s professionalism from our first contact until going live with my blog has been A-1. In addition to understanding the technology backwards and forwards, she walked me through the blogosphere, helped me understand what I seek to accomplish by being ‘out there’, and held my hand as I began writing and publishing my blog. She advised me how to create impact, instructed me to be patient and insisted that I read others’ blogs and form relationships in order to grow my network.I believe hiring Lena is the silver bullet to getting out there in a big way. I highly recommend her services.”

- Jane Pollak, Jane Pollak, Inc.

“Lena – What an energizing, exciting and informative day you provided us yesterday.Thank you for traveling to Washington – and for giving so generously of your time and your intellectual capital. I think the time we spent with you was one of the most productive meetings I have had in a very long time. We are grateful – we will benefit from every word – and we look forward to working more closely with you.”

– Dr. Sharon G. Hadary, Former Executive Director, Center for Women’s Business Research

“In less than two months of implementing Lena’s strategies and wonderful vision for my company, I tripled my monthly income. Consistently! Influence Expansion totally has the goods on how to make my company leaner, meaner and a heck of a lot more profitable on the Web.”

– Suzanne Falter-Barns, Founder, Get Known Now

“I attended Lena’s Real Women Do Social Media seminar series. It was extremely helpful! My biggest take-away from the course was Lena’s “easy to comprehend” Editorial Calendar. I had struggled with doing one for months and had been very confused until she clarified it all. The other thing I never knew that I should be doing was analytics for my sites. I always look at them, but Lena has a great spreadsheet so that you can compare sites and each months’ progress. Even though I was already using social media, have a blog, and commenting regularly, I learned so much more from Lena. You should really look into it.”

- Randi DeStefano, President, Authentic Living Interiors

“I was overwhelmed with just how to incorporate social media into my new coaching practice. Where should I start? Is Facebook or Twitter better? How do I write posts that people will actually pay attention to? Lena answered all these questions and more and even more importantly delivered the information in an easy to understand, no nonsense manner. My huge a-ha moment came when she explained you need to start with a “base of operation” tool like a blog or podcast and then use a “viral” tool like Facebook and Twitter to let people know about your home base. It all came together for me in that moment AND it stopped feeling so overwhelming! This program is THE place to go for great insights into social media, whether you are just getting your feet wet or are an experienced media maven looking for ways to do it even better.”

Ann Marie Boyle, Founder, The Articulate Entrepreneur

“Thank you Lena, you are a breath of fresh air and a wiz at what you do –social media will benefit greatly from your expertise and women will benefit greatly from your focus on bringing them into the world of social media.Thanks for everything you shared with us on this journey! It’s a win-win!”

–Bobi Molchan

“Thanks Lena so much. You gave me courage to venture out online where I hadn’t ventured before. You gave me information and knowledge about how to effectively use the top social media sites. Before taking your course, I really hadn’t built out my online presence. Now my website is up and I am blogging and tweeting, using Facebook and LinkedIn more effectively! Thank you Lena. You rock! Thank you for choosing me as one of your students.”

–Marian Edvarsen, Coach, SterlingStarlightSuccess

“I want to thank you so much for your time yesterday. In one hour, you clarified so many questions that I had regarding my website and social media goals. I really feel invigorated by our conversation yesterday and I’m ready to charge ahead with my new social media plans.”

–Caren Levin, Earth Loven Paper Products

“Thanks for the great coaching. I appreciate your directness. You are also creative and quick with ideas that are right on.”

–Laurie Hunt, Chief System Disruptor, LaurieHunt.com

“I want to tell you today about how Lena changed (transformed) my wine club for women. First of all, Lena is a brilliant social media strategist whose goal in every coaching session and e-mail exchange is to make your business successful.She herself has a thriving company that specializes in making “You Inc.” thrive right out of the gate. She will take the time to carefully map out the necessary steps with you and do what it takes to help you reach your goals, and above all, your dreams.At first, I hired Lena to help me set and implement my social media marketing strategy. As she and I examined my website, it became clear that, before we could embark on that task, we needed to fix the website. I didn’t know at the time I hired her, that Lena was also the right person to help me figure out why we weren’t converting users to buyers. She came up with the missing magic ingredient that made it all work. Not only is she brilliant at business coaching and social media strategy, she’s also a talented Internet marketer with extensive tech savvy.Lena, thank you for your incredible work! I am a better person for having met you!”

–Stella Hayes, Everyday Cellars Wine Club

“I was at your seminar this past weekend at the BlogPaws conference.I wanted to share with you that your recommendation to be ‘ruthless with my calendar’ has been reverberating in my head for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because as someone who works from home and lives in a rural area, social media for me is like the office water cooler, except that unlike an office there are no watchful eyes making sure I get back to my desk and back to work.The second reason is because when we bought our house the previous owner had created lovely gardens, for which I became the caretaker. I discovered that while I had no problem pulling weeds from the garden I had a harder time pulling out any flowers which were taking over and crowding their neighbors. When I told this to the woman who had planted the gardens she said to me, with a heavy eastern European accent, “You must be ruthless!”It may not be a perfect metaphor but social media has become something which has enriched my life, but like the hearty flowers, it threatens to crowd out the work I am trying to accomplish.So I am going to try to be ruthless with my calendar, and not just because I hope to get more work done but because I also like saying ‘RUTHLESS’ in a heavy eastern European accent.”

– Debbie Jacobs, CAP, FearfulDogs.com

“I recently attended a seminar on blogging presented by Lena West. I knew nothing but how to email and surf the net. WOW, she and the information she shared far exceeded my greatest expectation! It was invaluable, and once she learned about your interest, she shared her contacts and ideas to help you, specifically. I went there thinking this is probably another one of those hyped up things you don’t get much out of unless you spend a lot more money. I left there with a mountain of useful information, knowing how to generate a stream of income by doing something I love, am qualified to do, and am passionate about. Lena is the best seminar speaker I’ve ever heard. She is authentic, engaging, funny, inspiring, thorough, organized, down to earth, never speaks down to you, addresses all your questions,and no matter where you are in the blogging process, you will leave with the information you need to successfully move to the next level(s).”

Judge Billie Colombaro

“I am learning a lot from you, because I did not want to indicate on Twitter that I was sitting back and smiling as you were trying to pull out the WHY; very business execution oriented and I loved every minute. Your short hour went by very fast, it was like a mini MBA reminder. Just excellent ~ I am seeing a real learning shift in this type of venue-in that to get the most of a series like this, come ready to learn; very motivating. Time is valuable and you don’t waste it. Looking forward to next time!”

– Lea, @TheHealthMaven

“I have enjoyed the [Real Women Do Social Media] sessions immensely. Your insights have been wonderful. I love what you are doing for countless women entrepreneurs.”

– Dona McKenzie, McKenzie Hubbell Creative Services

“Thanks for all your hard work. I’ve enjoyed working with you and am happy with the new HTLN site and will be even happier as I get used to using it and increasing the site’s visibility. THANK YOU for EVERYTHING”. I always know I can count on you and boy is that a nice feeling. You really are, as I’ve heard others say, the Rock Star of Social Media! Love it.”

–Sue O’Halloran, Here’s to Life Now

“It’s such a pleasure to work with you and I must tell you that all of my team/advisors who have looked at the proposal thus far have been so impressed by the work you and your team have done! Hiring you is one of the best decisions I’ve made since starting this company. You boost my credibility as a start up and I just want to say thank you again for all the hard work you are putting into this project.”

–Mariclaire Cloutier, WebEBP, Inc.

“Just a quick message in appreciation of today’s dynamic social media presentation. My nose was practically pressed to the screen as I listened to every word. You confirmed my choice in tools, many which are in my arsenal and new ones I’ll begin adding. Most of all, you provided me with a blueprint for social media success. Even though I believed I knew a lot, your presentation set me on a firm foundation.”

–Shirley George Frazier, CEO, Solo Business Marketing

“Your panel discussion was the best breakout session I attended [at the 2009 NAWBO conference in Chicago]. I truly appreciated the way you were able to share your expertise in a way that the social media novice could understand.”

–Jennifer Whitlock, Principal, The HelpDesk Company

“I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s call with Lena West about blogging.Most importantly, I learned some things from Lena. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve attended webinars, learning almost nothing but having to sit through some type of “hard sell”. Lena’s presentation was good, on point and down to earth with practical advice.”

–Gary W. Kullberg, CEO, Kullberg Consulting Group

“You clearly work at being consistent when it comes to doing what you’ve said you will do.You’ve given me a quality blogging solution that is respected by peers.You continue to support my development of a powerful online presence and brand.”

–Harry Allen,Media Assassin

“I wanted to thank you again for including us in your Social Media Lab presentation. Overall, the session was fun and engaging and you presentation style is phenomenal! It’s so important to keep an audience engaged and involved. You certainly accomplished that and it was clear that you “tell it like it is.”

– Renay M. Picard, Vice President of Marketing, Basho Technologies, Inc.

“Thanks for coming into Phoenix for your blogging discussion. It was extremely valuable to me. I will be reading over your blog in the next few days to ingest what you’re writing. I am already taking into account your words of wisdom for my Generation Y blog – have formulated an editorial calendar and everything is working out well.”

- Celeste Johnson, Espresso PR

“Thank you very much on behalf of NIRI-Rocky Mountain for a great presentation. You’re one of the best speakers we’ve had this year. As to feedback, several people said that they appreciated your level of explanation about blogging and social media. Many of us tend to be pretty non-technical and too often the presentations about technology are boring and get into too much detail. Thanks for being real.”

– Wendy Yang,National Investor Relations Institute-Rocky Mountain Chapter

“We needed to create a one-page, corporate identity sheet, complete with all pertinent information that any potential customer or media professional would need to know. We just didn’t have enough hands to do the work that xynoMedia did for us. We needed to turn the task over and know that it was being handled correctly. People have been very pleased with the identity page. It has given my small business a big-business appeal. In fact, my clients have commented on the professional look and content of the document.”

James Riley, Owner, BoyBlueCasual

“Our organization did not have a web site but we knew that it could be a critical part of our success. We knew it could support the communication of our message and help us garner new members. We also did not have a technology strategy and key members were not well versed on how to use technology to move the organization forward.The team at xynoMedia was knowledgeable about technology and helped us uncover our vision and how technology could be incorporated into our daily work processes. They assessed our needs and created a web site that reflected our organization. The web site that they created was user friendly, cost-effective and as per our request, easy to update. As our needs continued to unfold, the xynoMedia team expertly updated the site to reflect our requirements and support us in accomplishing our objectives. They were both professional and pleasant to work with. The team was also very proactive and reliable.I feel very proud of the web site and it’s reflection of our organization. I think it is also an important part of our technology strategy and will help us accomplish our strategic goals. It has become a centerpiece for our communications strategy and we are confident that it will help us with our fundraising efforts, as well.It’s great to hear feedback from organizational members and other colleagues on how wonderful the web site is. Lena West and xynoMedia have been great allies in our success!”

Cheryl Brannan, Founder & President, Sister to Sister International, Inc.

“I would like to personally thank Lena West and her organization, xynoMedia Technology, for the highly professional way in which they have worked with the NGO Committee on the Status of Women in the development of their logo and web site. Though we’re still working on the web site, the deliverables from their group have always been agreed and completed on time and with great accuracy. I would like to add my name to the commendations on their work.”

–Leslie Wright, Past Chair, NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY

“Women in Power needed the skills and experience that only Lena West and her xynoMedia team could offer. With their support, we have been able to add web development to our brand-marketing plan. Our vision has materialized through her fortitude and professionalism – she believes in our dream…this is what sets xynoMedia apart from the others and why they will always be strategic partners with our organization.”

Pamela Lewis, Co-Founder, Women in Power

“I was looking for major media coverage but didn’t want to invest thousands of dollars into working with a public relations firm.Then I remembered being introduced to Lena West of xynoMedia Technology. She mentioned that her company solved business problems using technology. I called her and explained my goals of increasing my media coverage. She suggested that we run a series of Google Adwords campaigns.Her team handled the entire process. They decided on ad topics, researched keywords, wrote the ads, set up the account and even monitored the progress for two whole weeks.About three weeks later, I received a call from a producer for ABC’s “The View”. They were having a pet trends segment and were looking for a pet expert. They booked me for the show and I got close to 5 minutes of airtime. When I asked the producer how they found me, they said Google!It would have taken a long time to pay for the exposure that I got by being on The View. Thanks xynoMedia!”

Charlotte Reed, President,Two Dogs & A Goat

“Lena is a remarkable speaker –- exciting, fun, a great resource, informative, inspiring, engaging, professionally impressive…just wonderful and so knowledgeable. Her workshop tonight was chock-full with great resources and she inspired me to build e-commerce into my web site. I’m sure this evening will prove invaluable for my business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Persephone Zill, New Season Consulting

“I know about technology, but before I went through the Program, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I was overwhelmed with taking care of clients and trying to grow my business at the same time. I was headed into the rut of the business owning me, rather than me owning the business. But now, what a shift! The concepts I’ve learned in the Program have given me freedom to think bigger and even explore outsourcing options.The investment was definitely worth it. The advice and recommendations from the Program have dramatically changed the way I operate my business. I was given a system to reduce my pile of “to-do’s” into percentages. Now I can take on everything I need to tackle in a day without dropping the ball anywhere. This is such a relief. Lena is a great listener and she nailed every single issue I was struggling with. I especially enjoyed the intellectual exchange. It’s great to talk to someone who understands technology and business.I appreciated Lena’s honesty and candor and she always had good suggestions for simple changes that make all the difference in the world.I am moving forward in every area and covering all my bases. I LOVE it!”

Beth Cole, one lily

“Intrigued and overwhelmed by the potential to grow my business through technology, I participated in Lena’s one-hour teleconference. After just one hour, I implemented low and no cost critical tools I had not even considered — off-site back-up of my computer data and statistical tracking of traffic on my website, for example. Lena teaches that today’s business plans are incomplete without a strategy to maximize the power of the rapidly growing field of technology (blogs, pod-casts, etc., etc.)”

Jean Terranova, Aunt Jeannie’s

“Thank you for offering me the opportunity to speak with you. I found our discussion to be interesting and informative. I appreciate your fresh perspective and innovative ideas and have no doubt that working with you, in the future, will be instrumental in forwarding my business.”


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